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Our Mission

Here at Mercy Street, our focus is to provide the opportunity for children of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the global game of soccer. We strive to establish a fun, fair and uplifting environment for children to play this wonderful sport. Through this, we hope that the children who play in our program can grow and develop not only as a soccer player, but also as a person.

Furthermore, we believe that healthy, strong communities are quintessential to the positive growth and development of youth. Due to this, we work towards fostering a strong and healthy community within the soccer program. We try to achieve this, through hosting various community events throughout the year. Parent engagement is also encouraged in order to achieve this goal.

What we Offer

Recreational Soccer - Every Fall and Spring, we run a recreational soccer league for kids ages 3-11. Each season is 8-9 weeks long. There are 6 games guaranteed for every team, and there are playoffs following the regular season. The registration fee for this is $35, and we offer a $5 family discount per additional child signed up. We provide each child with a jersey, shorts, socks and shingaurds.

Middle School/High School Futsol - We will soon be offering a 5v5 Futsol league for youth that are in Middle School and High School. Youth who participate, will be challenged by face paced, small sided soccer games. Futsol promotes quick thinking, good technical skills, and passing. More information will be provided in the future regarding the start-up of this league.

Adult Futsol - We will also be offering a 5v5 Futsol league for adults. The league will be co-ed, and it will be open to anyone ages 19 and up. More information will be provided in the future regarding the start-up of this league.

Soccer for Success

Mercy Street Soccer is affiliated with US Youth Soccer's after school program called Soccer for Success. Soccer for Success is an organization that seeks to advance the game of soccer to underserved communities in America, and promote healthy living. Soccer for Success does this by, supporting organizations to start and sustain after school soccer in underserved communities.

We Need Your Help!

If you would like to know ways that you can get involved here at Mercy Street Soccer, below is a list ways you can get involved. If any of these volunteer opportunities interest you or you would like more information, please reach out to our soccer coordinator Mike Rich via email (

- Coaching rec soccer

- Reffing in rec or futsal leagues

- Working the concession stand

- Event trash pick up

- Striping fields

Contact for Questions

Mike Rich


If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

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